We evaluated the hypothesis of whether higher dietary magnesium intake is associated with reduced colorectal tumour risk.

A case-control study on colorectal adenomas (768 cases; 709 polyp-free control subjects) and a meta-analysis of colorectal adenomas (3 case-control studies) and carcinomas (6 prospective cohort studies) were conducted. Dietary magnesium was estimated from food-frequency questionnaires in the case-control study and most studies in the meta-analyses. Data analysis comprised multiple logistic regression analysis (case-control study) and fixed- and random-effects meta-analyses.

Our findings support the hypothesis that higher intakes of dietary magnesium are associated with lower risk of colorectal tumours. The consumption of magnesium-rich foods may be a new avenue to explore further in the search for cancer-prevention strategies.

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Shii-Take Drops - 50ml
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May benefit people with cancer, by improving T Cell and Immune function. Has anti-fungal, viral and bacterial properties. Benefits cardiovascular health. Aids in Cholesterol reduction and improved circulation. Reduces oxidative stress providing that our blood cells can carry oxygen and mineral rich blood to rest of the body.

Use in conjunction with THAT Magnesium Oral Liquid

INGREDIENTS: Shiitake Mushroom, Alcohol

Dosage: 10 Drops 3 times per day or 15 drops twice per day in water. Should you have a sensitivity to alcohol, pour the whole contents into a small pot and gently heat a 1/3 of the alcohol off at low temperature setting 1-2. Won’t affect the effectiveness of product.


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